March saw Holyhead's Local Conversation continue to grow and reach more and more people. Local people directly and indirectly involved with their conversation came together to talk about what matters to them in their community. Issues became ideas with suggestions turning into collective action, the group eager to work closely together to act on issues affecting their community. 

At the meeting was Frank and Sandra Lingwood, Yazmin, Connor Jones, Dan Roberts, Steph Pritchard (Youth Pod Manager) and Dan Millington (Local Conversation Officer). Discussion centred around the topics of Holyhead and what people thought about their town. Also present was Joanna Hicks from UCLan who was there to give the group direction, support and share expertise. 

L C Steering Group fb

Keen to keep the conversation in Holyhead progressing, it was decided that the group will meet fortnightly/monthly whilst everyone gets to know one another. The next meeting is scheduled to take place in April where the group will be discussing the roles within a steering group, local matters that have arisen and engaging with the local community.