St Davids Day 1

Nothing was going to get in the way of the St David’s Day celebrations in Holyhead, not even Storm Emma! The festivities were postponed to Thursday 8th March due to the anticipated weather conditions which left a trail of destruction on Holyhead, not least Holyhead Marina.

Hundreds of local people lined the streets along the parade route singing and chanting, celebrating welsh history and culture. Holyhead highstreet was decorated with flags and bunting, the towns businesses keen to show their support. 

The parade left St Mary’s church at 9:30am slowly making its way up to Newry Green. The sun shone brightly adding to the spirit of the occasion. Along the way, hundreds of school children from local primary and secondary schools and vast numbers of people from community groups sang Calon lan and dwi’n Gymro neu Gymraes chanting Ogee Ogee Ogee, OI OI OI!! The parade stopped on its meandering journey at St Cybi’s to take a moment of reflection for our patron Saint, St David. St Cybi was the cousin of St David. 

St Davids Day 2

Awaiting on Newry Green was Y Ddraig Goch, spanning half a football pitch! The flag, which is by far the biggest flag on Anglesey if not North Wales, took centre stage with crowds gathering around singing Land of My Father and waving handmade flags. 

The parade was made possible thanks to close partnerships of community groups, schools, organisations and local people in Holyhead, but in particular Menter Iaith Mon and Mon CF’s Local Conversation project funded through People’s health Trust. 

St Davids Day 3