canva Communtiy chest Launch 2018 2

On Thursday 1st March, Mon CF’s Local Conversation Community Chest Grant will launch its third round of funding targeting community groups and organisations benefitting local people in Holyhead. The grant, of up to £1,000, provides accessible financial support that many community groups so desperately need to survive, thrive and empower local people to be active in their community.

At a pre-launch event last week, past applicants were invited to share their stories with local community groups that are interested in applying. Their inspiring journeys have been made possible with the support from the grant.

To date, Mon CF’s Community Chest Grant, funded through People’s Health Trust’s Local Conversation programme, has awarded £9,590 to local organisations and community groups. Thousands of local people throughout Holyhead have benefited from the grant and are now taking their Local Conversation further - giving a voice to more and more local people.

canva Communtiy chest Launch 2018

Dan Millington, Mon CF's Local Conversation Officer, said that it is great to see a community so empowered and involved throughout the grant process….at the end of the day, it is the community applying so they should have the decision.

Mon CF’s Community Chest Grant closes to applications on Friday 30th March 2018. For further information on how to apply, contact 01407 762004, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or message @MonCFAnglesey