Katie Campbell

We first met Katie Campbell when she was on work experience with the Department of Work and Pensions. Denise Williams, Skills & Employment Co-ordinator for Construction with the DWP came to the Pod in November for an Energy Island recruitment day and Katie was with her. 

We got talking and Katie was eligible for Active Inclusion so she was signed up that day. 

Katie had previously worked in retail and in factories. She stated that she wasn’t interested in working in these areas again and would like to be working within the care sector or in an admin position.

A massive barrier for Katie was the fact that she couldn’t drive and this was going against her when applying for jobs within the care sector, therefore she was signed up for the Theory Sessions. 

During Katie’s meetings with her Mentor, an action plan was devised. We looked and applied for roles, mostly within the admin sector. Katie mentioned that there was a chance coming up for an apprenticeship with the DWP and she was keen to apply.

At the end of January, Katie came in to the office in Llangefni to say that she has an interview for the apprenticeship role with the DWP.  When we caught up with Katie she told us that she had started her apprenticeship at the Service Centre in Parc Menai in March. Katie also told us that she has moved to Llangefni and was much happier with her new place and the convenience of living in a busy place.

Here is a photo of Katie outside the Service Centre.  She has settled in and is enjoying herself in her new role.  We wish her the best of luck.