Toni accompanied her twin sister, Leah, to her first appointment on the LIFT programme. When Kath met them in the reception area she asked Toni if she would like to come through with Leah to hear about what Môn CF had to offer, but she politely declined.

Impressed by what she was hearing, Leah stood up halfway through her initial meeting and said she was going to fetch Toni as she felt that the LIFT programme could be of real benefit to her. Toni did come through but was extremely shy and quiet. Leah explained that Toni was in the process of applying for the local college’s Level 3 course in Health and Social Care. Toni was unsuccessful in obtaining a place on the same course last September, and agreed that taking part in LIFT’s NHS Programme could give her an edge over her fellow candidates.

Toni enrolled on LIFT and, with Leah’s support, attended the NHS Icebreaker session. She then went on to complete the full NHS Orientation and all fourteen of the e-learning modules. Toni was visibly growing in confidence and began opening up to the mentors and other participants about her interests, experiences and ambitions. However, the pressure of waiting to hear the outcome of her college application was causing her huge anxiety. We offered Toni a place on our Confidence Building and Interview Skills course, which included a mock interview with two members of Môn CF staff with whom she was not familiar. This was a real challenge for her, especially as she was separated from her sister for the first time on this journey, but she accepted it and thrived. She continued to attend the LIFT Job Club on a regular basis, where she researched courses, local vacancies and future career opportunities. Most importantly, she socialised with her peers and learnt that she was not alone in her low confidence and fears over her next step.

Last week we heard some fantastic news from Toni: she had been offered a place on the course of her choice. She was delighted and very grateful for the support received from LIFT and the NHS Programme. We are honoured to have supported Toni through this very stressful, but ultimately successful period of her life, and we wish her all the best for the future.