Tony Snape

Why did you come to Môn CF?

I came to Môn CF with my twin sister, Leah, in the summer of 2016. I was in the process of applying for Coleg Menai’s Level 3 course in Health and Social Care but, having been unsuccessful the previous year, I wasn’t feeling optimistic. I waited in reception while Leah met her Mentor, but halfway through her appointment she came out to fetch me because she felt that what she was hearing would benefit me too. I eventually gave in and went into the appointment with her. I’m so glad I did!

Did you do any training?

Yes. I did the Confidence Building & Interview Skills course, which was the perfect starting point to understanding what Môn CF were all about. I also did all the ‘fundamental’ courses, including First Aid, Health & Safety, Manual Handling and Fire Safety, and I did some training with the NHS through the ‘Step into Work’ programme. All of these things contributed to me being offered a place on the college course of my choice. Throughout the course, I stayed in touch with my Mentor – even though I was in full-time education, she was there to give me guidance and motivation when I needed it. Two years later, I passed the course and returned to Môn CF for support to find my first job. Since coming back, I have been involved with the ‘Journey to Work’ project, and I’m looking forward to taking my driving theory test in the next few weeks.

Did you do any volunteering or work experience?

Yes, my Mentor put me in touch with the new Cancer Research store in Holyhead, and I did a short spell of volunteering there. This gave me my first taste of a retail environment, and led me to where I am now.

What are you doing now?

I am now working in Morrisons, Holyhead through Môn CF’s ‘Strand 2’ subsidised wage scheme. I work sixteen hours a week. I’ve settled in well, and I’m feeling really good about where I am and how far I’ve come.

What do you think is the best thing about Môn CF?

If you knew me two years ago, you wouldn’t recognise me now, and Môn CF have played a massive part in that. They helped me to grow in confidence, and they gave me the opportunities I needed to move forward.