Shaun KibblewhiteWhy did you come to Môn CF?

My Work Coach at the Jobcentre Plus suggested I come to Môn CF as it could vastly increase my chances of finding a job. I was especially interested in the driving programme because I live in a very rural area and being able to drive would give me more choice when looking for work.

Did you do any training?

Yes, my Mentor at Môn CF signed me up to the Journey to Work programme, and I went to driving theory sessions in Amlwch every week. I can carry on going to them even after starting work. I also did a Confidence Building & Interview Skills course which helped me a lot – I used to be really quiet but now I can approach people and chat with them.

Did you do any volunteering or work experience?

Yes, I did a work placement in the Jobcentre, where I helped customers to search for jobs and ordered stock. I also volunteered in the community shop in Amlwch, where I learnt about creating displays and rotating stock. All this experience made me realise I was really good at dealing with people, even if I didn’t know them.

What are you doing now?

Môn CF supported me to apply for a job in the Co-op in Amlwch and even did a mock interview with me. I got the job, and I am now a Customer Team Member working on the tills and supporting with other day-to-day tasks such as stock rotation.

What do you think is the best thing about Môn CF?

I think the best thing about Môn CF is the variety of training courses and the support you get to find work tailored to your skills.