Kai Chapman Maurice first come into Môn CF in September 2016. He had been unemployed for two years.

Kai met with his Employment Support Mentor, Georgia where they discussed his job goals and aspirations. Kai’s preferred job role was within the music industry as he had studied music academically and had some previous experience working within the field. Kai was also open to working within the Hospitality sector. Kai received support updating his CV, and made a plan moving forward into work. This plan encompassed attending various Accredited courses through Môn CF’s Training Academy, including Fire Safety Awareness, Emergency First Aid at Work, and Food Hygiene.

Kai was also enrolled on to an Introduction to Hospitality programme where he took part in a 5 day event based within the Trearrdur Bay Hotel. Kai learned how to work in various departments within the Hotel and learned various new skills to help him into this sector. He also received a work trial, and was told he would be contacted if, and when a job vacancy arose at the Hotel.

Kai and his mentor identified that a job in Music usually required traveling to various locations and therefor Kai was offered a space on Môn CF’s Driving Course. Kai attended weekly sessions to learn Driving Theory at Môn CF’s Pod. Môn CF then helped book, and funded an Official Theory test for Kai. Kai also took his first ever driving lesson with Môn CF’s driving instructor.

Georgia put Kai in touch with a local touring production company and arranged for a time for Kai to meet to discuss job opportunities. After meeting, Kai was given the opportunity for paid work experience as part of a production, touring across various venues in Wales. After 3 weeks of work experience Kai was employed over 16 hours a week. Kai’s new manager says ‘Kai was fantastic - we really couldn’t have done the tour without him!’

Kai is continuing his Driving lessons with Môn CF and is preparing for his test.

Kai says “Mon CF is really helpful, communication with all the different departments was really good, I feel you guys really cared about me; I wasn’t just a statistic!”