melvin jones

Mr Jones first came to Môn CF for Employment Support in August 2015, and had his initial appointment in September with a Mentor and explained he was looking for funding to renew his Cherry-Picker Licence which was in the region of £300. Unfortunately at the time Môn CF didn't have a project with funding available for that sort of training and as Mr Jones was 71 at the time and not on JSA we couldn't signpost him to the Jobcentre. We agreed we would keep a lookout for possible funding sources and get back to Mr Jones if we come across anything to help.

Melvin came back to Môn CF and went through our triage process in October this year 2016 and explained he is retired but wants to carry on working and was still keen to get his cherry picker ticket. Melvin was referred to the LIFT Programme as he comes from a work-less household within the last 6 months and although he is now 72 years old he was still keen to find employment. After completing an Action Plan with Melvin and discussing the Employment Support available with Môn CF on the LIFT programme we spoke to our Training Academy who looked into the courses Melvin required. Melvin explained that if he had help to get the courses done he was certain he would then find employment and even provided a letter of support from one of his previous employers. Melvin attended and completed the CCNSG Renewal, Cherry Picker IPAF 3A + 3B and Working at Heights courses and although we suggested he could attend our Fundamental Training courses as he felt he would be in work pretty soon and was very keen to do so now he had completed the training required.

As predicted Melvin is now in full time employment as a Steel Erector with after securing employment in December 2016 with through an agency Lovell Morgan Recruitment and after speaking to Melvin today he confirmed he is still working on a large warehouse construction in Worcester and was very grateful for the help and support from Mon CF.