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Simone Thomas came to visit Mon Communities First as a seventeen-year-old who had recently left high school. She decided to come to Môn Communities First for help finding work as a member of her family had recommended the services on offer.
On her initial meeting Simone expressed a keen interest in looking after her younger nephew in her spare time. By working together with her Youth Employment Mentor Georgia Chapman to create a work plan, they set both long and short term employment goals. Simone's immediate goal was to start work within the hospitality industry as a waitress, but longer term her thought was to pursue a career in the childcare sector.
With the support from her Employment Mentor she was enrolled onto an Introduction to Childcare course at Coleg Menai. Alongside this Simone also secured a part-time job waitressing at a local hotel.
During weekly appointments Simone, had brought along her older sister Nicole for support, Nicole had previously worked for a local based company for five years. During Simone's appointments Nicole who had been working on a temporary contract felt it would be beneficial to start attending her own employment support appointments with Georgia.
Nicole wanted a complete change of career and felt that she would like to learn new skills and work with the public in some way. Nicole was introduced to Jobs Growth Wales by her mentor, this being a Welsh Government initiative for 16-24 to enter supported employment. It was organised for Nicole to start voluntary work at Môn Communities First in order to develop new administrative skills. A Jobs Growth Wales Vacancy was then advertised as a Receptionist at Môn Communities First and as Nicole was already completing voluntary work as a Receptionist she decided to apply.
Nicole obtained an interview for the role then developed her interview skills and techniques with her Employment Mentor supporting all members of the team with any administrative work and is the new receptionist at Mon Communities First and doing brilliantly.
Nicole says “I am know working within a job that I am really enjoying and I’m learning new skills, to better my career, I feel like Môn CF are still supporting me so that I can achieve the best of my potential, I have been able to go on lots of courses which have helped me lots!”