Communities for Work (C4W) is a voluntary programme to help those adults furthest away from the labour market into employment. C4W is a Welsh Government programme tackling poverty through sustainable employment and is a high profile national backbone ESF Operation to deliver to all 52 (CF) Communities First clusters in Wales operating as a separate but complimentary programme, integrated with the existing CF activity in each cluster.
It builds on our existing programmes to tackle poverty to help get people into work.

The programme focuses on our most deprived communities, to provide 1-to-1 support, guidance and training.

The target groups, for this first phase, are people living in a Communities First cluster who are over 25:

  • with low or no skills
  • with work limiting health conditions
  • with care or childcare responsibilities
  • from jobless households
  • from a Black Minority Ethnic group.

Support will include:

  • community based advisory support
  • mentors
  • training barriers funding to help people into training or employment
  • an Innovation Fund to support new ways of working.

The first phase has been approved by the Welsh European Funding Office and provides a £30m investment in employment support in the 52 Communities First Clusters – this includes £18m of European Union funds.

Part 2 of the programme will focus on supporting and reducing the number of 16–24 year olds who are not in education, employment or training, (NEET), as well as increasing the employability of economically inactive and long term unemployed adults who have complex barriers to gaining employment.

The programme is co-sponsored by the Department for Work and Pensions.

Making a Difference

Participants helped into work: Since 01/04/15


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